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Leading & Empowering Local Initiatives

Women Holding Hands

Education and Empowerment

The Paris Hub is partnering with Konexio, a nonprofit organization with the mission to create a streamlined path to employment for refugees and other vulnerable youth through digital training and work placements. The project aims to organize professional development workshops that empower participants to gain essential skills and better mastery of the social codes needed to enter the labor market.


Women Empowerment

Education and Empowerment

Driven by our firm belief that gender equality is essential to our economy and society, we support the World Economic Forum and UN’s mission aiming at reducing the gender gap. Indeed, as underlined by McKinsey Global Institute study equal representation of women and men in the labor-force and more precisely, in executive positions, increase compagnies’ financial and social gains. As Global Shapers, we expect tomorrow’s future actors to embrace these differences rather than be frightened by them.


Two Wheel Tuesday


Two Wheel Tuesday is a movement that invites you to commute on a bike one day a week. 
Contact us to join the movement!


Urban Agriculture


The Global Shapers Paris are pushing forward urban agriculture initiatives in Paris and exchanging around the topic with a vulnerable community in Cali, Colombia.

Rejoignez-nous, et faites la différence.